He walked the streets of Philadelphia and for a time the streets were safer. He was our first "Granny." He didn't "flash" - too close to entrapment. He bothered no one. Looked at no one. He walked, pocket book in hand. So vulnerable. He was your grandmother and mine.

Granny is James J. McGrath, Badge #4620, Police Academy Class 131 (1955), now retired after more than twenty years as one of Philadelphia's Finest finest. He is my neighbor, my friend. He's my kids' Santa Claus (they just discovered). He's Cass' husband and lover, Greg and Jim's father (they're police officers too) and real live grandpop to James, Scott, Shawn and Jennifer. He's a proud man - with reason to be.

Jim was a schoolmate of Joe O'Neill, our recently retired Police Commissioner. He called Frank Rizzo "friend" because "he listened." He served his Country: U.S. Navy, six invasions, South Pacific, L.S.T.'s.

Jim walked a beat in center city, rode the cars, worked vice and was one of the Department's "famous 40", the original Stake-out Squad. He's been decked, mauled and shot. He has received the City's highest honors; Valor, Bravery (5), Merit; Policeman of the Year (Delaware Valley Police Chief's Association).

Jim McGrath is a cop's cop. And this is his book.